Grand Cakes Wedding Cake List Pricing:

Starts at: $3.50 a slice.

(Wedding cake styles are based upon 2 layers each size).

Cake Styles: Round, Oval, Square, Heart, Petal and Hexagon

Round:             Oval:              Square:              Heart:              Petal:              Hexagon:

6” = 14            7” = 14            6” = 18                 6” = 10           6” = 8              6” = 12

8” = 25           10” = 30            8” = 30                 8” = 24          10” = 20           10” = 20

10” = 40          13” = 45           10” = 50               12” = 45         12” = 35           12” = 50

12” = 55          16” = 70            12” = 70              15” = 70          15” = 60           15” = 70

                                                   14” = 75                                    14” = 95

                                                   16” = 100                                  16” = 125

                                                   18” = 125                                    18” = 160

                           Full Sheet cake, double layer with choice of filling that serves 80 guests-$95.00

                                   1/2 sheet cake with choice of filling that serves 50 guests-$65.00

                                    Cake Flavors: Standard White, Chocolate, Yellow and Marble.

                            Additional 15% charge cake flavors: Red Velvet, Lemon, Apple, Mocha Cafe,
                     Strawberry, German Chocolate, Banana, Carrot, Mandarin Orange, and Coconut Crème

                                                    Cake Frostings: White or Chocolate Buttercrème,
                                                     20% extra for Ganache, 30% extra for Fondant
                       Cake Fillings: Standard ButterCrème or Chocolate ButterCrème, White/Chocolate Mousse
                                Cake Fruit Fillings: Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon, Cherry, Custard, Cream Cheese,
                                           Bavarian Plain or Chocolate Bavarian.

                           CupCakes: Start at: Bite size: .85, small $1.50, filled $1.75, large $2.50, filled $2.75
                                                                     Grooms cakes available.

Free Consultation: Sunday, Monday, or weekdays after 6pm available.

There are many possibilities! As this information sheet is not exhaustive, please make an appointment with us to discuss and order your unique wedding cake. FREE sample tasting will take place at this time, when calling please have ready up to 4 flavors of cake and filling in mind before scheduling your appointment.

Up to 4 guest may taste.

Ordering your cake, we recommend ordering up to 6 months ahead of time to secure your date.

Cake orders are secured by a fee of up to $100 deposit, which that deposit goes towards the payment on the cake, date of wedding held and any rental items. See extra note below.

Delivery and Set-up: Local (within a 50 mile round trip) $50.
Delivery fees outside local area depending on location can have a charge of up too $1.00 a mile extra.

About the Deposit: Monies secured by the deposit to GrandCakes covers YOUR wedding date, along with rentals on such items: Fountains, Pillars, Plates, Angels and Toppers etc.
(Deposit and or any monies given to Grand Cakes is NOT returnable if YOU cancel your wedding date, change to another bakery or have a family member make your cake, nor is credit given for another cake)

All rental items and those covered by the deposit are the Property of GrandCakes and
must be returned as soon as possible after the wedding.

(Failure to do so results in a replacement charge for lost or damaged items and a bill will be sent forth).
If NO items are rented then deposit goes towards cake and secured date of wedding.

Wedding cake orders ALWAYS receive their 1st year Anniversary cake next year FREE.

 That’s a 6 inch white two layer cake

Restrictions apply

(You must call US in the MONTH you were wed to receive your free 6" cake)


Pricing is subject to change.
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