Grand Cakes Cafe
 46 E. Bridge St. Rockford, Mi. 49341
Phone us at 616-866-2292 for all orders or information.

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When it's YOUR birthday, we will send you a message to come claim a FREE cupcake, tell your family and friends to join us so that they to can claim a free cupcake.

Hours Tuesday 12 Noon-5pm
Wed-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturdays 10am-4pm with
Sundays and Mondays being by Appointment only.

   For Custom made Cakes phone

Visit our Cake Truffles page above, for all the flavors.
"Truffles must be ORDERED"

  Have a great day.
"Praise the Lord"

  We bake on-site, from scratch, no trans fats, only real creams and butters.

We can make any type of cake!

Ice Cream Cakes are back in season.
6" $25
8" $35
10" $45
Choose your flavors then give us a call.

GrandCakes Cafe
 All cakes come completely decorated with writing and flowers,
 (plastic and or chocolate decorations are extra)

Pricing below is for ROUND cakes only, other sizes are extra charge.       

Size                  Layers                      Servings            Fruit Fillings                  Price

Small 6”                     3 layers serves     5-7                   $18.00
Small 8”                      3 layers serves     10-15                $28.50
Med. 10”                     3 layers serves     25-30               $45.50
Med. 12”                     3 layers serves     30-40               $55.50
Large 14”                    3 layers serves     45-50              $57.50
Large 16”                   2 layers serves     50-65             $61.50
                                                  XLarge 18"                 2 layers serves     70-85             $75.00                                                     
¼ Sheet      single layer or double      9”x 13”     12-18        single layer-$25.00-$35.50
½ Sheet      single layer or double    12”x 18”     30-40       single layer-$35.00-Double layer-$47.50
Full Sheet   single layer or double    18”x 26”     70-80     single layer- $69.00 Double Layer-$95.00



Please note: See separate price list and information on Wedding Cakes,
prices above are for standard custom made cakes.
Cake Style: Round sizes, we make other styles at a different price.

Cake Flavors: Standard Vanilla White, Chocolate, Yellow, and Marble

Additional charge cake flavors:
Apple, Banana, German Chocolate, Carrot, Peanut Butter, Mandarin Orange, Mocha Cafe,
Tangy Lemon
, Sweet Strawberry or Red Velvet.

Cake Fillings
: Standard White or Chocolate Buttercream or Whipped Crème

Additional charge for fruit filling (pricing states above) choices are: Raspberry, Strawberry, Cream Cheese, Bavarian creme, Cho. Bavarian Creme, Lemon, Apple, Cherry or Custard

FrostingsGrandCakes FAMOUS Buttercream in flavors of Vanilla, Almond, Chocolate, Banana, Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pineapple, Lemon or Cherry. Also light fluffy whip frosting in white or chocolate.

Additional charge frosting choices: Cream Cheese, (Ganache) dark, 15% extra, Yes we do FONDANT at 30% extra

Cupcake Cakes: 24 cupcakes, chocolate, vanilla or yellow, with a design, $35.00

Torte: 4 layers of Chocolate cake (block form style cake), with Raspberry and cream filling surrounded by Dark 70% Chocolate Ganache, topped with fresh berries. $36.00 serves 8-12

Character Cakes: Over 350 character pans to choose from. Made with your choice of either Chocolate, Yellow, White or Marble cake only. $35, extra layer is $45

Cookies: We make drop, rolled, pressed, dipped and sliced cookies. Frosted too. Pricing varies. From .25 cent each to $5.00 each. Chocolate chip, Peanut Butter, No-bakes, Baked No Bakes, Sugar, Oatmeal, PinWheels, ThumbPrints, Kiss cookies, Lemon, Spritz, Coconut Macaroons, you name it we can bake it for you. Have a cookie in mind but don't want to make/bake them, tell me I can fill your order.

CupCakes: Large: $2.50, filled $2.75, Small: $1.50, filled $1.75,
picks and more decorations extra. Flavors:
Chocolate, Vanilla, Yellow
Extra Charge flavor cupcakes .25 each are: Red Velvet, Lemon, Strawberry,
Mandarin Orange, cherry 

Scones: We make 20 different variety's, see our scone menu: $2.50 each.

Weekends are our busy times, please place an order in advanced to be guaranteed your dessert. 
Let us design your next cake! 

Choose custom made CAKES, Cookies, CupCakes, Brownies, Scones, Muffins, Biscotti, Baklava, Coffee Cakes, Pies, Fudge, Turnovers,
Muppcakes (a muppcake is a custom 3 layer,
2 person chocolate or white cake covered in Ganache for only $7), 
We Cater any item that we make. 
Visit our Catering menu at top of page.         

We ARE a full service Gourmet Cake and Candy making supply store.

Chocolate for candy making is now in..
Milk, Dark or Snow White
$6.75 a pound.
We have RED and GREEN chocolate.
Liquid fillings for chocolates, coconut, lemon, raspberry, you name it we have it.

We carry Supplies and Candy molds can be rented too! 
Candy making supplies, and we have tons of ideas too.

Over 1000 different CANDY MOLDS to choose from...  We carry Chocolate fountains for rent and Bubble Machines for rent. Plan your next PARTY with us, we can do it all!

We are The LARGEST Cake Pan Rental Store in West Michigan with over 350 pans
to choose from.

Call to see if we have what you need.
If not we can get it.
$3.50 for a 2 day rental.

Cake Decorating supplies.

Flavors/Oils/Extracts: Almond, Vanilla, Butter, Banana, Grape, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Orange, Anise, Root beer, Clover, Watermelon

 Gourmet Seeds: Poppy seeds, Caraway seeds

We even sell our homemade butter creme frosting for you to use and decorate at home, $6.25 pound.
Our frosting/ cake AMERICOLORS are now in, we have over 20 colors to choose from, and even ELECTRIC colors.We have chocolate colors too.

Sprinkles? Got your Sprinkles? We have Sprinkles of all kinds and colors.

Sugars? Got your Sugars? We have those too. Tons of colors, perfect for the baking season, come and get yours while they last.

Dragges? Looking for Dragges? We have Gold and Silver, get them before they roll out of here.

Can't find what your looking for? We can get it for you, sometimes the next day, let us know what your seeking we can help.

Cake Picks? We have over 50 different styles to choose from, don't see what you want, we'll get it for you.

We even sell boxes, Cupcake containers and round domes, come check us out!

Our PIES are made from SCRATCH, nothing out of a BOX, Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin, Apple, Pecan, Cherry, Boston Cream and Blueberry Pies. You can taste the difference! View our Pie List at top of the page.

Ice Cream Cakes, Cookies and Pies too.
24 different flavors of CupCakes.

Cookies: Sugar, Cho. Chip, Macadamia, M&M, Oatmeal, PinWheels, Lemon, No-Bakes, Baked No-Bakes. We bake any and all cookies.
What can we bake for you?
We are making Tart "TARTS"
Lemon, Cherry, Blueberry, Key Lime 10" tart $20
Don't forget we make BARS- we bake slice and wrap them for you. Choose-Pecan, Blueberry, Lemon, Cherry, Raspberry, Apricot, Pineapple, Apple and Cream Cheese





 We Make Truffles and Fudge

Wedding cake orders are filling up our 2013 weekends,
if you need to schedule an appointment and set a date please do so very soon. 

Visit our Wedding Menu at top page to see available dates

Wedding Cake Truffles are the newest hit at weddings, see our truffle menu at top of page for flavors and choices.
Our prices start at $2.50 a slice for cake. We offer many icings to choose from and cake flavors. Grooms cakes too. We always give the bride and groom a FREE 1 year anniversary cake...

Don't you want yours? 

  One favorite treat that's a guaranteed crowd-pleaser is mouth-watering strawberries dipped in chocolate. Great for a Wedding snack. View pg. 3
Need a special Birthday cake? We will design it to your wish.

Know of a child having a FIRST birthday?
Order our SMASHBEAR for your little one. $7

NEED a BABY SHOWER CAKE? We can make your cake PINK or Blue